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We are a team of professionals focusing on improving the connection between advertisers and their clients. Marked connections, portable profound connections, gathering of people knowledge as well as giving the world’s powerful brands a comprehensive prospect, unprejudiced vision into the growing digital age.

Understanding the URLs need to be friendly for messaging technologies and limiting the number of characters in a message we are offering URL shortening service for free, Reducing amount of typing the reader is copying a URL from a print source we offer other benefits of shortening a URL like beautifying a link, tracking clicks, or disguising the underlying address.

Linkclip focuses on offering cleaner and easier URL to share or remember. When someone way in the shortened address, the browser redirects to the original long url address. Also, the technique is known by the name of URL redirection or URL redirect.

We have several reasons to make you use our URL shortening service. Regular long links seem to be aesthetically unpleasing. The short URLs are more convenient for websites or hard copy publications. Use our URL shortening site and get detailed information on the clicks of a link receives, which can be simpler than setting up an equally powerful server-side analytics engine, and unlike the latter, does not require any access to the server. Use Linkclipservice and easily communicate your URLs without error.